Our Top 5 Contemporary Gardens

Contemporary gardens come in all shapes and sizes, each having their own unique design and style to blend in with overall feel of the home. If you’re in the midst of planning your own contemporary garden design, it’s well worth taking inspiration from others who already have their perfect garden layout in place. It’s from these like-minded people that you can learn what works best in contemporary gardens and what specific features you would love to have in your own little bit of the outdoors.

We’ve handpicked 5 of our favourite contemporary gardens that provide a truly modern and atmospheric feel, just by looking at them! Take some time to soak in these designs and think about how you could introduce some of their features into you own contemporary garden layout.

1. A multi-level garden taking you on a journey

This long yet narrow garden has been transformed into different levels, each bringing a different feel or use to the garden. Whilst the lowest level is being used for dining and entertainment, the middle level offers a place to relax in the sun, whilst the highest levels invites you to retreat into the shade and enjoy the natural scenery around you.

A sophisticated paving style leads you throughout the garden’s entirety, and it’s this bringing multiple aspects of a garden together that works so well in contemporary garden designs. The amount of plants and shrubbery that’s been used, as well as the type of plants that have been incorporated into the garden, makes for minimal tending to and leaving plenty of time to enjoy the garden in all its glory.

The added touch of a water feature positioned on each level makes sure that, wherever you are in the garden, there’s a peaceful and calming ambience surrounding you. What more could you want from your own outdoor haven?

2. A multi-textured design that blends together seamlessly

If you’re wanting to separate different areas of your garden but don’t have the time, space or budget to create a multi-level garden, why not opt for a multi-textured design like this fantastic garden layout? Even in a smaller amount of space, there’s plenty of textures and tones to the garden, with different areas to focus on different uses for the garden.

The cream pavings makes the perfect spot to eat out in the warm weather or to entertain guests when you have them over. The grassy area provides a safe space for kids to play games and make the most of the garden, whereas the decked area towards the back is ideal for the adults to sit back, relax and watch over all the other activities in the garden – or perhaps get stuck into a good book!

What brings each of the areas within this garden together, is the use of the same shaping throughout. Whilst each section is unique, they have each been designed in a curved and almost oval-like shape, which is what blends them together to create a journey throughout the garden. Although many contemporary gardens use paved pathways to join each area together, this one is unique in that it’s the shapes that bring them together, instead.

3. A simplistic style that really works

Contemporary gardens are all about the modern feel and simplistic style, something that this particular garden exudes effortlessly. Similarly to the other two gardens we have previously discussed, you can see different areas for different uses, however the design and layout has been stripped back to the core elements, using only a little of what’s needed in the space to make a truly contemporary garden.

Entering the garden, you land on some simple grey paving stones that have been paired with a comfortable chair and large, modern planters of the same colour. Moving into the next space via some neatly laid out paving steps, the large grassy area is paired with plenty of greenery, including 3 of the same trees planted equal distances apart. The final space within the garden appears to offer some room for entertainment, with the same shade of cream being used throughout.

The neat and simple design to this garden creates a modern feel to the outdoor space, without losing the tranquil and calming atmosphere that a garden should provide.

4. Pave the way through your contemporary garden

Paving is a popular choice for leading the way through the various aspects of a contemporary garden, and this layered garden design has this used this technique perfectly. Make your way across the different levels and gaze over the different aspects of this garden, using the stylish and cleverly planned out paved pathway.

The paving cuts through the middle of the garden, with one side focusing on the decorative elements of the garden and the other being utilised for actual usage, such as entertaining or playing games. By having the paving cut through the middle, you’re able to enjoy both the decorative and practical elements of the garden all at once. The two components blend seamlessly together, thanks to the attractive paving.

5. Small yet sensationally stylish

Limited outdoor space doesn’t have to restrict you from having a fantastic contemporary garden, and this is perfectly portrayed in the gorgeous garden layout seen here. Even with the minimal space and a tricky corner layout to work with, the designers have been able to create a small contemporary garden that is simply stunning.

A lovely warm paving is used throughout to bring all areas of the garden together, from the comfortable entertainment space, past the impressive water feature and through to the fantastic outdoor cooking area. Simple yet practical evergreen shrubbery has been added to flower beds throughout the garden, which makes sure there’s a natural element to this outdoor space all year round. This sophisticated garden layout is the perfect example of how a small space can be transformed into something that’s exactly how you want it.

Each of these contemporary gardens have aspects that are what modern garden designs are all about. We’re sure that, with this inspiration, you’ll be able to pick and choose the best elements to add to your own contemporary garden and have the perfect outdoor space in no time at all.

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