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Landscaping Ideas for Contemporary Garden Design

Landscaping Ideas for Contemporary Garden Design

If you are looking to modernise your garden, there are a number of landscaping tricks you can try to bring your exterior space up to date. The beauty of embracing contemporary garden design is being able to enjoy low-maintenance options that make caring for your garden so much easier. 

Clean lines, geometrical shapes, uniform design elements and minimalist features are all things that make a contemporary garden such a calm and tranquil space. There’s also a leaning toward seamless indoor-outdoor living, where the line between interior and exterior aesthetics is blurred.  

From stone copings to landscape edging, the options are endless. Here are some landscaping ideas that are easy to pull off in any garden: 

Decorative coping stones 

Stone copings are a quick and easy way to add a premium finish to any garden space. Used to cap freestanding walls, decorative coping stones help to create a luxury aesthetic while keeping your wall neat and tidy. 

These flat stones not only look great and help to instantly modernise your wall, but they actually provide some practical benefits too. They work to prevent rainfall from penetrating the wall itself, which can keep it looking newer for longer, meaning less maintenance over the years.

One of the most popular features used in contemporary garden design concepts is raised walled flower beds. Stone copings provide the perfect clean and sharp finish to these beds, improving the elements of zoning in your garden. 

Bullnosed steps

One of the most stylish landscaping ideas for a modern garden is to create different levels, bringing them together with bullnosed steps. The bullnose step tile is a timeless feature that can instantly elevate your garden design, adding high-end appeal. 

Sawn on three sides, bullnose step tiles boast a signature look and a smooth rounded edge across the end of the step. This provides a safer step option, making it ideal for families and for those who like to entertain in their garden often. 

Stone border edging 

Another way to get a clean, sleek finish in your garden is to use stone border edging. This helps to zone different areas of your garden, and landscape edging stones are extremely versatile. They can be used for the following: 

  • Lawn edging 
  • Flower bed edging 
  • Pathway edging 
  • Driveway edging 

For large gardens, it’s especially important to divide your space and create areas dedicated to different uses and purposes. For instance, edging can break up your lawn and patio, giving you an area to place outdoor furniture and clearly marking where your reception zone is. 

In addition to these quick landscaping ideas, you may also want to consider indoor-outdoor paving/flooring solutions, such as porcelain paving slabs. This can integrate your home and garden, bringing your interior design and outdoor landscaping together, which is one of the most coveted contemporary garden design trends. 

To find out more about any of these products, get in touch with our friendly team at Contemporary Paving Online. We’re here to advise on sizing, colour selection, installation, and more. Call 01977 782240 to speak to us today.