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Introducing our comprehensive range of grouts and sealants,

Expertly designed to give your porcelain paving a polished, professional finish. Whether you’re working with sandstone, limestone or porcelain, we have the perfect sealant and grout for you.

Our high-quality grouts are available in various shades to match any tile or paving stone flawlessly. Choose from our selection of coloured grout options, including classic light grey grout, versatile black grout, pristine white grout, and more.

Our tile grout is easy to apply, providing a durable finish that matches weather and wear. Consider our brush-in patio grout for quick and efficient application, specifically designed for ease of use and impeccable results.

Browse our options today!

Browse our FAQs regarding our grout and sealants below.


1. What is grout, and why is it essential in paving?

Grout is a paste that fills the gaps between tiles or paving stones, providing a smooth, finished look. It serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. Functionally, the grout helps to secure the tiles or stones in place and prevents moisture from seeping underneath, protecting the underlying surface. Aesthetically, it enhances the overall appearance of the paving, giving it a polished, professional finish.

2. What’s the difference between tile grout and patio grout?

Tile grout and patio grout serve the same primary function of filling in gaps between tiles or stones. However, patio grout often contains additional additives to make it more resistant to weather conditions like rain, sun, and frost. Patio grout is specially formulated for outdoor use on patios, driveways, and other exterior surfaces.

3. Why should I consider using grey grout for my paving project?

Grey grout is versatile and can blend well with various tiles or paving stones. Whether you’re working with porcelain, sandstone, or limestone, grey grout can complement the material and enhance the overall aesthetic of your paving. We also offer light grey grout for a softer, subtler look.

4. What are the benefits of using black grout or white grout?

Black grout can add a bold, modern touch to your paving, creating a striking contrast against lighter tiles or stones. On the other hand, white grout can create a clean, fresh look, mainly when used with darker tiles or stones. Both black and white grout can enhance the visual appeal of your paving, depending on the look you want to achieve.

5. Do you offer coloured grout options?

Yes, we offer a range of coloured grout options to match any tile or paving stone. Whether you’re looking for a neutral shade like grey or a more distinctive colour like black or white, we have you covered. Coloured grout can add a unique touch to your paving, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

6. How does the brush in the patio grout work?

Brush in patio grout is designed for easy application. You pour the grout onto the paving, then use a brush to sweep it into the gaps between the tiles or stones. This method allows for a quick, efficient grouting process, making it an excellent choice for large patios or driveways.


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