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Mary Earps’ Journey: Triumphs and Challenges in Purchasing Porcelain Paving from Contemporary Paving Online.

Mary Earps

Discovering the Perfect Match: How Mary Earps Found Contemporary Paving for Her Outdoor Tiles.

Finding a personal haven is crucial in the hustle and bustle of a professional athlete’s life. For England’s champion goalkeeper Mary Earps, this sanctuary became her garden. With a vision to transform this outdoor space into an idyllic area for relaxation and family gatherings, Mary embarked on a journey of discovery and design with Contemporary Paving Online.

Reaching out to us via our Instagram page, Mary shared her aspiration of creating a serene space where she could unwind after gruelling training sessions and enjoy BBQs with her loved ones. Despite the start of the football season looming and her impending departure with the Woman’s England team for the World Cup qualifiers, Mary was determined to see her vision come to life.

She set an astounding record with 14 league clean sheets, a testament to her exceptional talent and dedication on the pitch.  Taking time from her busy schedule, Mary visited our showroom in Whitley, Doncaster. She explored various porcelain paving options, carefully selecting the perfect tiles to enhance her outdoor space. To assist her in visualising the final look, we created a small display featuring her chosen tiles along with accessories such as Porcelain CobblesCoping Stones and decorative aggregates.

This blog post is also a tribute to Mary Earps,

Affectionately known as one of the Lionesses of England’s team, she has now won the Golden Glove award for best goalkeeper of the 2023 world cup tournament along with the accolade of being the worlds best goalkeeper.

What struck us immediately was her inspirational impact. Mary’s story resonates with countless women worldwide, serving as a potent reminder that regardless of the industry – be it football, landscaping, or any other traditionally male-dominated field – women should not be underestimated. This shared understanding is something Mary and our managing director both relate to, having achieved significant milestones in industries predominantly led by men.

Mary’s story is a testament to her resilience and commitment to being the best version of herself. It echoes a message to women everywhere: to strive for excellence, break down barriers, and realise their full potential. Mary has recently launched her own clothing brand with the key message – Be Unapologetically Yourself. Whether on or off the pitch Mary Earps inspires us all.

Mary Earps choosing porcelain paving

A Keeper’s Garden: The Story Behind Mary Earps’ Porcelain Paving Selection from Contemporary Paving Online

In sports, making tough choices is part of the game, and England’s goalkeeper, Mary Earps, knows this all too well. Off the pitch, it was not a question of tactics or strategy; it was about choosing the perfect outdoor tiles for her garden, in the end she went with Aged Quartz White Porcelain Paving 600x900x2cm.

We had initially directed Mary to one of our stockists closer to her home for her convenience. She was torn between two of our pavers – Aged Crèma Porcelain Paving and the striking Wals Bianco. Both options were beautiful in their own right, reflecting the quality and style that Contemporary Paving Online is known for.

However, the game-changer came when James, one of our stockist team members at Pure Clean Rental Solutions introduced a third contender – Aged Quartz White. Mary loved the white-toned tile and the aesthetic appeal. In her own words, she expressed her final decision, “It was between two outdoor tiles, but then James pulled out a rocket called Aged Quartz White, and I loved it straight away, so that’s my choice – Aged Quartz White is so pretty.”

Whether defending goals for the Woman’s England team or selecting the ideal tiles for her garden, Mary embodies the spirit of a true lioness – decisive, determined and dedicated.

Mary Earps choosing porcelain paving

Tackling the Tile Game: How Mary Earps Transformed Her Garden with Porcelain Paving.

Just as she commands her space on the football field, England’s Lioness, Mary Earps, takes control of her garden transformation journey with a clear vision of what she wants.. Moving into a new home, Mary was faced with an uninspiring  paved area that she wanted to add life to.

Undeterred, Mary envisioned a garden that could serve as a retreat from her busy life, a nice place to have her morning coffee and spend time with family and friends. A space that would mirror her personality – robust, dynamic, and full of life. She approached us with her dream, seeking to replace the existing concrete paving with our premium porcelain tiles.

We partnered with Mary and her landscaper, supplying them with the products necessary to bring her dream garden to reality. This blog post delves into Mary’s journey, from being a homeowner dissatisfied with her garden to becoming an active participant in its transformation and choosing the perfect porcelain paving to enhance her outdoor space. Just like her role as a goalkeeper for the Women’s England team, Mary proved that any goal is achievable with a clear vision and the right team.

Mary Earps

Scoring Big with Porcelain Paving: Mary Earps’ Successful Venture into Outdoor Tiles

After months of diligent planning and execution, Mary Earps’ vision for her garden came to fruition. The transformation from a standard back garden to a model outdoor space was remarkable. Now, Mary can relish her morning coffee in her beautifully paved garden, host BBQs, and create lasting memories with family, friends and the inspirational lionesses.

Working with Mary was an absolute pleasure. Her dedication and unwavering commitment to achieving her dream garden were inspiring, mirroring her approach on the football field. Mary’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance and self-belief. Whether defending goals or choosing the perfect porcelain paving, Mary has shown that when you set your mind to something, the sky’s the limit. After several knock backs in Marys career, even at one stage thinking about retirement, she has shown resilience in immeasurable quantities and is now the FIFAS worlds best goalkeeper.

Her achievement in creating her ideal garden using outdoor tiles, resulted in a beautiful garden retreat and a powerful reminder of what one can achieve with determination and a clear vision. As she continues inspiring women worldwide, Mary Earps proves that every goal – whether on the football pitch or in-home landscaping – is worth pursuing. All the team at RF Paving are hounered to have worked with such an incredible lady that we would now consider a friend.


1. What type of porcelain tiles did Mary choose for her garden?

Mary chose our Aged Quartz White 600x900x2cm porcelain tiles for her garden. She also used Charcoal Porcelain Edging in 200x800x2cm.

2. What was Mary’s vision for her garden?

Mary wanted to transform her garden into a serene space for relaxation and family gatherings. She wanted a bright area that she could use to its full potential in the off season and between training.

3. What does Mary’s story teach us?

Mary’s story inspires us to strive for excellence, break down barriers, and realize our full potential in any field.

4 .Can I get the same porcelain tiles for my garden?

Yes, you can! Visit our online store or showroom to explore our range of porcelain tiles. Click here to see mary’s tile

Remember, like Mary, you can transform any space into your haven with the right vision and team. Contact us today to start your journey towards a beautiful outdoor space.