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What Is an R Rating, and Why Is It Important To Know When Choosing Porcelain Paving or Tiles?

Are you considering buying contemporary porcelain paving or tiles for your next project but feeling overwhelmed by the choices? As a material, porcelain is known for its durability and beauty – two sought-after characteristics when looking for external pavers. But not all porcelain is created precisely the same and the surfaces can vary, so it’s essential to understand what an R rating means when selecting the perfect paving or tiles for your home. Let’s look at an R rating and what it means when buying from contemporary paving online.

An R Rating is essential as it highlights differences in surface texture on both internal and external porcelain. Different slip ratings can be more suitable depending on the type of project you are taking on. For example, at home in the garden, A R11 slip rating is always advisable, and anything lower than this can cause the paver to be slippy. However, in commercial areas, you may want to go as high as an R13 to ensure you comply with health and safety regulations and that these porcelain pavers are as an anti slip as possible due to the high traffic areas.

Understanding what an R Rating is and why it’s helpful to know when picking your porcelain paving or tiles.

When choosing your porcelain paving or tiles, it’s essential to understand the R rating and its role in keeping your spaces slip-free.

R rating stands for Ramp test, used to gauge the anti-slip capabilities of porcelain products. Knowing R ratings provides peace of mind as all our exterior porcelain pavers have an R11 slip rating, which ensures they have a resistance to slipping and skidding. While these R11-rated products may vary slightly in their anti-slip capabilities, our Italian products provide extra high-quality assurance.

slip test 1

The Ramp Test – What It Is and How It Works.

The ramp test is an effective method to determine the slip resistance of porcelain tiles and paving. Porcelain tiles are placed on a ramp, and then the oil is added to the surface before a test subject walks up the ramp backwards, wearing boots. Doing this allows for accurate testing of potential slippage of human subjects in various conditions. The rating for each tile or paver is determined by the point at which the subject slips. Ultimately, the ramp test helps ensure individuals avoid slipping and suffering harm while walking on porcelain materials in slippery conditions.

What are the different R ratings?

It might be assumed that the lowest slip rating is R1. However, this isn’t correct. In actuality, the lowest slip rating is an R9. This can be easily explained; if there were an R1 rating, it would indicate a surface sufficiently grippy enough for an occupant not to slip – which is something even the highest ratings can’t guarantee. Therefore R ratings are more of a professional certification in slip prevention, and the lowest score of R9 still brings with it a massive upgrade over other options that don’t have any certified slip rating, like most ceramic tiles.

We would advise an internal 1cm porcelain tile to be an R9 slip rated product and an external porcelain tile to be R11.

Final Thoughts on Why Having an R Rated Porcelain is Important for Your Project.

R rated products offer the perfect balance of safety and style, specifically designed to cater to your project requirements. These tiles and pavers not only offer excellent anti-slip properties, but they also assure you of a wise investment in reliable and durable flooring.

Not only will these flooring solutions provide secure surfaces for bathrooms, kitchens or outdoor spaces exposed to water; but also offer an attractive blend of fashion and function. Elevate any project by choosing this superior flooring solution that guarantees lasting satisfaction.

In conclusion

You now understand an R rating and its importance when deciding on your tiles or paving. You also better understand the Ramp Test and the different R ratings. At Contemporary paving online have taken great care to ensure that all our products are R rated to give you peace of mind when buying them. While this article has been informative, it is up to you to figure out which product suits your project best. Our friendly customer service team is happy to help with any other questions about your project needs. So why not take advantage of their expertise today and start making the dreams of your next project become a reality?