Bespoke Service – Honed, Shot blasted and Brushed Natural Stone

Here at Contemporary Paving Online we offer an exclusive pre order system in addition to our range of products. We offer many different colours of Natural Sandstone and Limestone with a personalised finish.

When Natural Stone is cut and calibrated, it produces the standard natural stone paver that is popular throughout the UK today. The stones natural state has hand cut edges with a riven surface. But the question we get asked a lot is – Can we get something different?

Our bespoke service offers something unique. We offer a range of finishes on many colours of natural stone including:

Honed and Sawn – A honed finish is the result of grinding the surface of the stone down to be extremely flat, smooth and also consistent. A great way to describe the honed look is to imagine a polished interior tile, however with the honing process, the paver produces no reflection therefore is more of a matt finish. This process removes all of the ridges and bumps which is a natural characteristic of natural stone. The honed tile also has machine cut (sawn) edges rather than the natural hand cut edges which are common amongst the pavers.

Shot blasted and Sawn – The shot blasted finish is very similar to the honed finish. However a shot blasted surface can be related to an orange peal effect on the surface of the stone rather than been completely smooth. This way you still get a contemporary smooth look with an anti – slip finish, something which the honed effect does not offer you. The edges are machine cut (sawn) edges rather than the natural hand cut edges which are common amongst the pavers.

Brushed and Tumbled – The brushed and tumbled finish is the closest finish to the pavers natural state. The edges are hand cut however, tumbled to ensure that the edges are smooth and that any sharp corners are taken off in the process. The surface is still riven however, it has been brushed which results in a much smoother surface to touch, with little change to the appearance. The brushed and tumbled effect is ideal for using natural stone pavers for an interior use.

We offer many colours such as:

Raj Green Sandstone, Mint Fossil Sandstone, Rippon Sandstone, Autumn Brown Sandstone, Modak Sandstone, Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone, Raveena Sandstone, Kandla Grey Sandstone, and Black Sandstone.

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