7 Alternative Uses For Paving

Paving stones are a popular choice amongst homeowners, when it comes to improving their outdoor space. They are so versatile that they can be used as part of a variety of landscape applications. Outside of the popular option to use paving for an outdoor dining or entertainment area, there are plenty of alternative uses for paving that just might pique your interest.

Here we look at some of the alternative ways to use paving. Whether that’s for your front or back garden, or even somewhere away from home, there are so many options when it comes to these simple yet effective outdoor additions.

1. Pathways

Paving stones are the perfect choice for creating a modern and low-maintenance pathway that connects all elements of your garden together. Whether you opt for a weaving pathway or one that runs straight through the middle of it all, a paved pathway can act as the finishing touch to your garden, taking you on a journey through all of its aspects.

For a contemporary pathway through your garden, opt for precision-cut granite flagstones in a light grey, or perhaps sandstone for a warmer tone.

2. Driveways

Many homeowners opt for the likes of concrete and asphalt for their driveways, without knowing how much better a paved driveway could be. Concrete driveways are prone to cracks, whereas asphalt needs to be sealed every so often, to prolong its waterproof qualities.

Paved driveways, on the other hand, require little maintenance once installed, and any cracked flagstones can easily be replaced for another, without having to replace a large area of the driveway, or having to call out the professionals to do the job. They are also much more aesthetically pleasing and a lovely feature to admire at the first sight of your home. Granite, limestone and sandstone all make fantastic paving choice for a driveway.

3. Water features

A water feature, no matter how large or small, make a huge impact to the ambience of your garden. The sights and sounds of a water feature create a calming atmosphere that’s perfect for relaxing in, making it a perfect pairing for your own outdoor space.

Paving flagstones come in handy when creating an appealing water feature. Whether you’re designing a water wall, a patio pond, a raised pool or a multi-level feature, the paving can play a major role in making sure the water flows freely, as well as setting the feature apart from the rest of the garden elements.

4. Outdoor kitchens

In gardens with plenty of space, outdoor kitchens are becoming a very popular addition. Forget barbecues – the idea of being able to cook slap-up meals and entertain family and friends in the great outdoors, is adding a true touch of luxury to many gardens across the country.

Of course, paving makes for the perfect flooring to an outdoor kitchen, creating a more natural setting than the likes of decking, as well as adding to that premium and luxurious feel that emanates from such as fantastic garden feature. Opt for pavings stones with a more neutral tone to them, so as to not take any attention away from the kitchen itself.

5. Raised garden beds

Raised beds are a crucial part of any contemporary garden space, providing different levels and a low-maintenance feature to admire as you make your way through the space. Paving stones can make a raised bed look sleek and modern, compared to the wooden beds that are often used. Not only that, they also help to keep heat in the beds, which could prove beneficial if you’re planning on planting tropical plants. They also allow for easy drainage, so you won’t have to worry about root rot, either.

6. Fire pits

Fire pits are a very popular garden feature, especially for homeowners who enjoy entertaining. They provide enough warmth to enjoy the garden late into the evening, and they’re also a extraordinary garden feature that’s bound to capture everyone’s attention.

Although moveable fire pits can be bought at your local garden centre, they can’t beat the impressive fire pits that are installed into the garden itself. It’s these more permanent fire pits that paving stones can help with.

The long-lasting and durable features of paving stones like granite, means that they can cope with the high temperatures they are subjected to, without cracking or breaking down. What’s more, you could even use paving stones to create a seating area around the fire pit, where everyone can get comfortable in front of the fire.

7. Commercial property

Paving stones are useful for commercial property as well as residential gardens. You could choose to use them as part of some decorative borders around a car park, to build a pathway for customers, or perhaps to showcase a feature inside or outside of your commercial property. There are many ways to use paving at a commercial property, that can add to its visual appeal and make the property seem more appealing than before.

These alternative uses for paving are being used by many homeowners and commercial property owners across the country, showing just how versatile these flagstones can be. If you’ve been thinking about incorporating any of the above to your own garden, think about including some quality paving as part of your new garden addition.

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