Granite Paving Care Guide

Whether you’ve just had your granite laid, or you want to make it look as good as new, below are some great tips in order to take the best care of your paving, to ensure that it stays in great condition.


If you are having any natural stone products, such as granite, these will need to be sealed. Sealing your granite will help prevent staining on your paving, as it will repel any oil or water based substances which are the most common causes of stains.

There are two main types of sealants available: water based and resin based. Resin based sealants are used for impregnation, sealing and binding of natural stone. Whereas water based just leaves a film on top which will wear away much faster. This means that the water based sealants will need to be applied more frequently as it does not impregnate the stone.

Recommended Sealants

Our recommended products are easy to apply with either a brush, roller or spray and just need one coat. The paving should be clean, free from dust and dry before sealants are applied.

Nexus Pro – 410 – This is both a sealant and colour enhancer, so will help bring out the colour of your granite on top of offering protection. It has a high surface penetration which helps the seal last longer. It is a impregnating and non-degrading sealer that has a matt finish and it enhances the colour of natural stone and concrete paving. The Nexus pro 410 seals and protects surfaces from water penetration, staining and the effect of natural weathering whilst remaining breathable.

This product generally covers 4.5 – 7sqm per litre of sealant.

It is sold in either a 5l or a 25l tub.

Nexus Pro – 810 – Similar to the 410, however this doesn’t enhance the colour of your paving which isn’t to everybody’s taste. This therefore doesn’t affect the colour or texture of your granite paving and appears as an invisible seal. The Nexus Pro 810 deeply impregnates the stone and protects surfaces from water penetration, staining and the effects of natural weathering whilst remaining breathable. It does not change the colour or texture of the surface and can be used on virtually all porous surfaces, particularly high quality natural stone.

This product generally covers 7 – 12sqm per litre of sealant.

It is sold in either a 5l or a 25l tub.

How to clean

If you’re looking to get your granite in tip top shape then we recommend doing the following tasks on a regular basis:

  1. Remove any weeds – weeds like to grow in the gaps between paving and are an unfortunate eyesore which can be hard to avoid. These can be quite easily removed and the application of weed killer can help prevent from cropping up again. On occasion it may be necessary for you to top up the sand between your paving as this can sometimes be removed when pulling up weeds. To avoid this, use a resin jointing compound such as the Nexus V75 which dramatically reduces the risk of weed growth through the joints of your paving.
  2. Brush your paving – this will help to keep the top layer of dirt from building up on your paving. This is likely to be your most regular piece of maintenance. There are many products on the market that will help make this process a lot easier. The products for cleaning will help lift the dirt to then be washed away in the process. For recommended cleaners please give us a call today for expert advice.
  3. Pressure wash – this will help you to clean down to the stone’s surface. You will need to be careful to not damage the stone when using a pressure washer and to not get it too close to the joints. If a mortar joint is used, this can easily be destroyed and lifted, by putting the pressure washer nozzle too close to the pavers. When using the pressure washer, please take care to keep your distance and use the appropriate cleaning products that are relevant to the type of stone laid.
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