Why Granite is a Great Option for a Contemporary Garden

Granite has always been a firm favourite amongst homeowners for certain aspects of a garden’s features, including pathways and driveways, for example. Over the past few years, however, this natural stone’s popularity has increased even more, thanks to contemporary garden designs offering more opportunities for granite to be used throughout an outdoor space.

If you are planning a contemporary garden design and you’re wondering which materials to use throughout the space, pay close attention to granite. Read our post and find out what granite has to offer and why it’s a fantastic option for modern garden designs.

A solid investment for the years to come

Not only does granite offer a stunning finish to a contemporary garden, it also makes a fantastic investment in terms of durability and longevity, too. Granite has fantastic durable properties, including moisture resistant, scratch resistant and heat resistant characteristics. By investing in granite for your contemporary garden, you can expect it to last decades, all whilst looking in tip top condition, just as it did when it was originally installed.

Available in a variety of contemporary colours

Granite is typically composed of quartz and feldspar, with smaller amounts of mica and other minerals too, that can be seen scattered throughout the stone. You’ll find graphite in numerous different colours due to the different locations around the world that it is found, however the more common colours are different tones of white, pink, grey and black.

These somewhat neutral shades make key components of a contemporary garden as opposed to bright and colourful shades. It’s the natural elements of graphite that make it the perfect addition for modern garden landscapes.

An abundance of applications

Gone are the days where granite stones would simply be used for pathways and driveways. Thanks to the growing trend of contemporary gardens, you’ll now see granite being used in all sorts of garden features. From patios and raised flower beds, to water features and outdoor kitchens, there are plenty of ways to introduce granite to your contemporary garden and create a few standout features.

Granite offers consistency

Contemporary gardens are all about sleek lines, smooth transitions from one section to another and an array of features that work perfectly together. Consistency lies at the heart of any contemporary garden, something which granite can certainly help to create.

Granite has a fairly consistent appearance and the look of one slab will look almost identical to another, so long as you invest in the same type of granite. Other natural stones can vary quite dramatically from one slab to another, which is what make granite the best choice for consistency within a contemporary space.

Machine cut services for a uniform finish

If you’re looking for quality granite that will perfect your contemporary garden, look no further than our very own granite range that provides some truly stunning stones which can be used for a variety of garden features. Not only that, we machine cut our granite slabs so that each slab is identical in shape and size to the next. Expect a truly uniform finish when investing in our granite products and look forward to a superb contemporary garden design with granite adding to its excellence.

We price match all of our products

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