How To Design A Small Contemporary Garden

If you have a small garden and can’t see past the limited space to work with, then you’ve come to the right place. A tiny garden space has just as much potential as larger gardens – sometimes all it takes is a little more time to plan and perfect. Once you do, however, you’re bound to have a gorgeous outdoor space to call your own.

Contemporary garden designs work especially well in small outdoor spaces, due to their simplistic arrangement and minimalistic appearance. Not only that, they’re fantastically low-maintenance and are often designed to pair perfectly with your indoor style, which can create the sense of your whole property feeling bigger and more spacious overall.

To begin planning your very own small contemporary garden, read on to discover our top tips for getting it right first time. With these words of wisdom, you’ll soon have yourself a little piece of the outdoors that’s perfect for sitting back and relaxing, or for enjoying some quality time with family and friends.

Think about the flooring

With larger gardens, it’s recommended that you use hard flooring materials to create a path that leads through the many features of a contemporary garden. However, with smaller gardens, it’s well worth thinking about covering the entire space with a hard flooring such as granite or porcelain tiles.

While this might appear overbearing in larger spaces, it can have a fantastic effect on the contemporary style of a small garden. This flooring will form the base of your new garden design, which can be added to further, to create a truly stunning contemporary garden.

Keep practicality at the forefront of your design

With limited space to work with, it pays to think about the functional aspects of your small contemporary garden, before moving on to the more decorative side of things.

Think about what you will be using your garden for and make plans to optimise the space for this. If you’re hoping to entertain in your garden then there should be plenty of space for a table, chairs and perhaps even a BBQ or firepit. However, if you’re designing a garden that’s more for you and some quiet relaxation, you’ll want to think about the specific elements that are going to help you achieve this, such as a comfortable lounging space and a water feature, for example.

Once you’ve established the main use of your contemporary garden and made sure there’s dedicated space within the garden for this, you’ll be able to see how much space is left to play around with. From there, you can move on to making additions that will make the space unique to your own tastes.

Consider adding a white wall

If you’re able to, think about painting one or more of your exterior walls white. Not only will this make the garden even more lighter and brighter, it will help with the seamless transitioning from the indoors to the outdoors that a contemporary garden should provide.

Make the most of the space

With small yet simplistic in mind, it’s well worth considering some space saving solutions to pack as much as you want into your small contemporary garden, without ruining the minimalistic style.

Additions such as shelves or outdoor wall planters will allow you to include a variety of greenery and other accessories, without taking up too much of what little space you have.

Add some additional features and accessories

It’s by adding these additional features to the space that your contemporary garden will truly come to life. They could be anything from geometrically positioned plant pots, to simplistic and subtle water features. There’s also lighting to consider, which should be soft and warm, and should be more to create a relaxing ambience than for anything else.

The key to getting your small contemporary garden right is that you keep simplicity in mind. As such, when you do begin to introduce various accessories and features, it’s important to make sure you don’t overwhelm the space with them and that they all come together in one way or another. Whether that’s the colours of these additions or how they are positioned in the garden, the end result should appear simplistic yet stylish.

With these key tips and tricks, you should begin to see a gorgeous contemporary space being developed within your small garden. For further advice on creating a stylish contemporary outdoor space, head over to our beginner’s guide to contemporary gardens.

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