How to design a family contemporary garden

Contemporary garden designs have been a popular choice for homeowners in recent years, due to their stylish and modern features, along with their ability to seamlessly blend the outdoors with the indoor elements of the home. However, many also worry that investing in this particular garden layout can take away from the fun and entertaining garden aspects that the children love.

Well, worry no more, as there’s plenty you can do to create a fun-filled contemporary garden design that the entire family will be able to enjoy. Read on for tips on how you can create a contemporary garden that the family can enjoy together this summer.

Begin by blocking out areas for specific purposes

Your new family contemporary garden should have areas set out for different purposes. Whether that’s a spot for the adults to socialise and entertain, along with another for the children to call their very own play area, these blocks should be tailored for the wants and needs of each family member.

Contemporary gardens typically consist of blocked elements that are brought together through pathways. It’s rare to see a contemporary garden where certain areas ‘blend’ together – they are very geometric and it’s this design that creates the modern and sophisticated feel. As such, planning your specific areas at the beginning of your design is essential to getting your new family garden right.

Add additional areas for decorative additions

Once you have determined where the main areas will be positioned within your garden design, you should then consider the best areas to add some decorative additions to your garden. The likes of planters, raised beds and additional features can really give your contemporary garden that aesthetic edge. Try to incorporate these areas in-between and amongst the main areas that your family will be using, so that the entire garden comes together.

Introduce a variety of textures and materials

When you have everything where you want it to be, the next step is to choose the best materials to use within your garden. Using a variety of different textures and materials to break up the different areas will not only work on a practical scale, but it will also help to optimise the modern and contemporary feel of your new family garden.

You could invest in some sleek grey paving for your pathways, that lead the way to a decked entertainment area for the adults and a bark-covered play area for the children. Of course, you may also want to add a grassy spot somewhere within the garden as well, and whether that’s real or artificial is entirely up to you. Perhaps you might consider some gravelled areas to really highlight a stand alone water feature or a trio of large modern planters. Whatever your choice of materials, a mixture will really help to provide the wow factor to your new contemporary garden.

Think about safety

Of course, when planning a family garden design, safety should always be at the forefront of your mind and this rings especially true when developing a contemporary garden layout. If you’re hoping to include a number of features that could be risky for children (such as a firepit or even some large heavy planters), you’ll need to assess where they are positioned and how you can restrict the access that your children has to them.

Safety should also be considered when choosing the variety of materials throughout your garden, especially in any areas specifically designed with the children in mind. Opt for softer surfaces and keep unnecessary features out of these areas, so that your kids have the freedom to enjoy the space, without you having to worry about any injuries that could befall them.

Always bear simplicity in mind

Contemporary gardens are built to be simple and easy to maintain, which is probably why they have become so popular amongst homeowners with busy lifestyles. When planning your own contemporary garden for your family, you should always be thinking about how to keep it as simple to maintain as possible.

It could be that you opt for easy to clean surfaces for pathways and entertainment areas, or even choosing native plants over tropical plants, because they are already accustomed to the British weather and won’t need tending to as much. Whatever choice you make for your new contemporary garden, ask yourself, how simple will it be to maintain?

Another way in which simplicity should resonate throughout your new garden layout, is by limiting the amount of features of additions throughout the garden. A few minimalistic but standout items can create a fantastic contemporary feel to your garden, far more than many features that clash ever could.

These tips should provide enough information and advice to get you started on creating your very own contemporary garden for your family to enjoy together. All that’s left is to add your own personal touches to make it unique to your own home!

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