Author: Amy Andrews

Porcelain Wood Effect Pavers Vs. Decking

Over the past couple of years, we have had many of our customers complain and have had reservations over there current decking. The problem that we often find is that they love the look of the decking however it isn’t practical in winter, it takes a lot of maintenance and may even need replacing after a short number of years.

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Bespoke Special Porcelain Range Coming Soon

We are excited to announce that we will be shortly offering a Bespoke Specials Range of Trims to complement our External Porcelain Tiles available on Contemporary Paving. In special cases, special trims are also available in certain colour on our Interior Porcelain range available at RF Tiles.

This is a stylish, custom built selection of products what allows you to pay attention to detail, giving you the options to finish your project to the best possible result.

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Bespoke Service – Honed, Shot blasted and Brushed Natural Stone

Here at Contemporary Paving Online we offer an exclusive pre order system in addition to our range of products. We offer many different colours of Natural Sandstone and Limestone with a personalised finish. When Natural Stone is cut and calibrated, it produces the standard natural stone paver that is popular throughout the UK today. The stones natural state has hand cut edges with a riven surface. But the question we get asked a lot is – Can we get something different?

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Granite – What you need to know

Wanting a stylish, modern finish to your garden? Granite is definitely a stone you should consider.

Natural Granite is perfect if you are wanting to create a modern look and feel to your space. Its straight machine cut edges and textured finish adds a perfect minimalistic finish to both contemporary and traditional settings.

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Porcelain – What you need to know

Here at Contemporary Paving we love everything about Natural Stone. Its exquisite beauty is something that is individual to its state, with every piece forming under the earth’s surface for many years. However there is a new product on the market and that is Porcelain.

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We price match all of our products

We promise to price match any of our products. If you find our product elsewhere, like for like, we shall match the price. We are that certain that our products and prices are the best on the market!

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